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  1. hello
    realli agree with you
    when a person changes ,she/he nvr realise until the other person say so.just like having a feeling for someone…nvr reALise it until i realise its too late

  2. I agreed too. Juz a thought to myself when I read this is that I must make sure if I want to change, I’ll change for a better me, better environment for my loved ones, better future with whoever will be with me in the future, etc. I must ensure that the change occurs will be a happy event to everyone around me… I really hope that will happen! …

  3. 但是骨子裡的你是永遠不會變的﹐可能只是一時“貪玩”不見了﹐但再找找﹐你一定會把最真最初的自己找回來。

    ( wow… this is another nice point of view.. 🙂 – from 22 )

  4. i guess sometimes changes might be good…
    makes you see things a little differently,
    to understand and perhaps accept things better.
    but not too much too.

  5. hahaha…wow…pigiangel! impressive! 🙂

    hahaha…people always changes due to their upbringing,experiences,peer pressues, the situations…just a matter of good or bad…but chances r: we always know notice the bad 😛

  6. i agree to a large extent! 🙂
    people & things do change.
    it’s sad when you realise you dont believe in the things you used to believe in before.
    i wish there was a never-grow-up-land.

    anyway, can i kop your entry? 🙂
    i think it’s meaningful..

    ( sure, go ahead – from 22 )

  7. 世界上有什麼事不變的呢?
    但這都是人生的過程.. 不能避免的過程.
    也都是經歷過了這些過程, 我們才能夠成長.

    誠實面對自己吧. 我想, 這才是關鍵.

    just stay real (:

  8. Sometimes its so hard even to say things out loud. Cos you just hope it won’t be the truth. So the next best thing is when someone “speaks” for you…

    Its not easier to move on even so. . . 因为在乎 …..

    thank Q.

  9. it simply goes to show we’re “growing up”…at different stages of our life, different things are happening..our needs n wans differ frm e past..our perception change…it’s all part n parcels of LIFE!!

    Learn to change, Learn to let go, we’ll be a Happier We 🙂

    My thoughts: To all out there, tt is if u’re going thru this period rite now…e rough patch tt u’re going thru, we’ve all gone thru, there’s no such thing as One can’t do w/o someone, b4 this person appeared aren’t we doing well?!!… Brace up!!

    A better someone will definitley come along..and when one looks back, one will realise how silly one was 😉

  10. Up till now, I still don’t believe that people will change. Maybe, it’s just more of the individual’s thinking, and perceptions of certain things. But change? I would beg to differ. Changes might take place every day. But how many will peel of the innocent mask and show another different person. Okay that does not make sense but what I’m trying to say is, we change every day, in a way, our innocence has gone up one level. To a level of maturity, to a level of understanding. We are not one who is gullible, not one who trusts so easily; we mature, we think even ahead of what we see/ anticipate.

    As we change, we let go.
    As we let go, we move on.
    As we move on, we are happier.
    To total up, Changes brings about Happiness, in a way or another.

    We might change drastically, we might change minimal; but at the end of the day, we see that we brought about this changes, and we have to accept it.

    Does this make sense? I doubt so, but … I don’t believe in changes. Or maybe, I’m forcing myself to not believe in them …

  11. 让自己倔强一点,放纵一点。




  12. Hi,

    My personal opinion is that people tends to change,either in appearance or heart and this is the fact that we cannot change. Just hope that changes is positive instead of negative.


  13. Sad but inevitable… Changes are bound to happen. It’s how we cope with it. In life, 10% is abt what happens, 90% is abt how we react to it.

  14. 人真的会变。。无奈。。接受?拒绝?。。

  15. People do change as time goes by.
    It’s not our fault not to notice their changes.
    It’s just that they change too fast, too fast until no one can recognise them.
    Only the true ones remain with you.

    so do cheer up and cast aside those emo feelings (:

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