13 thoughts on “SuperBand 2008”

  1. Wah! Superband is coming again.Ask the Superbanders from 2006 to perform again leh.Miss them…Milu Bing Soul & J3 they all!
    Hope to see them perform on stage again

  2. Great to see u are the host for superband again.

    Can ask the superbanders from 2006 to perform for us again? I miss milubing,soul,j3,jus b n the rest.

    Jia you! Take good care. 😀

  3. 6月16日起,每逢星期一,8点开始,就能看到你了。 哈哈~
    segregation between bands and groups 对第二届公平but 对第一届不公平。
    anyway, hope the show success & all the best for high viewership ^_^


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