12 thoughts on “Look here!”

  1. the show just ended.
    i was shocked that thomas ong came! :D:D:D
    i thought since he is not under contract or sort of stuff, he wont be attending but seriously scream when i saw him :D:D:D
    But yeah, glad to see you and joshua too 😀
    Anyway can i ask, why xie shao guang not present? ):

  2. Yeah, watched the show last night. Very creative, interesting and heart-warming. Especially the older actors and actresses meet those kid stars who have grown up. Great show!

  3. the gala show was pretty good… many artistes, and some newcasters who i havent seen for long!
    remember to share lottas photos with us.. =D

  4. I like your hosting yesterday… It was a great show too.. saw many actor/actress I used to watch when young~
    You look great in that second black suit too~! =)


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