19 thoughts on “Holiday anyone? :)”

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  2. kinda tempting leh…. haha… but i planned to go tw during that period.. hk ah.. let me think think… maybe i’ll change my mind bcos been to tw 2 years ago but HK, 999 years ago… Haha..

  3. Hi Jean, Pls email to “[email protected]” or call the hotline 65344958 if you need further info. All the staff will be happy to assist you 🙂

    Sorry dasmond, borrow your space to help answer questions :p

  4. das, got a sms from member. wanted to know if css2 live recording is done every monday at 8pm. guess she wanna pop by to drop something for u. thanks!

  5. wow the tour for 5 days so expensive har including tax leh will be up to 1k loh…I go there 5 days only $600 leh…I am going for Cruz Teng Turkey which is more worth it can see a lot of things some more is Cruz mah..

  6. For those who will be heading to Turkey with Cruz, Turkey is a nice place 🙂 . Was there 2 years ago…

    While u are there, most prob I’ll be in Egypt! Ha

  7. dasmond, which place u thk is more suitable to bring my mom – Taiwan or Turkey? She’s 60yrs.. bt still in very gd health. I am still contemplating btwn these 2 places.. pls advise can??

  8. To Jess, depends on wat she’s interested. Turkey is very much abt traveling and sight seeing, and most prob u will hv to join a tour grp.
    Ur mum speak English? if not, Taiwan mgt be quite a gd choice cos they all speak mandarin, wont feel too out of place for her. 🙂

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