11 thoughts on “Hey Gorgeous @ NAFA”

  1. woo not bad.. hehe… next week u all will be going SIM to film yea.. though i’m not schling on that day but maybe i will go back sch to catch u up! wanna tk photo wid u.. hahaha =x

  2. “Beauty is in the eye of the be-holder”… Did I say or spell wrongly? Anyway, pple will become more handsome or prettier as people grow older.

    HeHe… I also dun do any ‘beautify’ until when I joined my profession now… Think back, it’s quite amazed too. No wonder bride is the most beautiful lady…once in a lifetime ba…


  3. Well, I didn’t watch Hey Gorgeous. I think there are too many of such programme. I miss those days when channel U have lots of interesting game shows.

    Now I could hardly find one which is interesting.

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