Hey! Gorgeous… Finals!

Finally, we are doing the filming for the final episode of Hey! Gorgeous. We arrived at our filming location Dragonfly around 10 plus this morning, and started our rehearsal…




The winner will be walking away with S$2000 cash, hamper and the cool looking trophy!


While the crews are having lunch….


this is what the contestants are doing…


getting all prep for the show…


The judges…



For more pictures, go to Hey! Gorgeous Gallery, and select view as slide show.

8 thoughts on “Hey! Gorgeous… Finals!”

  1. hey dasmond, you and fiona made the show a wonderful one! 😀 thanks! hope to see ya around again soon!

    pegs NTU

    ( Great knowing ya… 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. Hey Dasmond, its been some time since i last commented here. How have you been?
    Wah, you have so much going on, seriously.
    hosting here and there.
    Are you going on a holiday soon?
    Wish to bump into you soon 😀
    takecare alright!

    ( Hope you’re enjoying your holiday 🙂 – from 22 )

  3. Sometime I wonder why only pretty ones and handsome ones got the glam, the more glam they have I guess the plain or norm others will be neglect… just a thought la..

  4. hei, nice seeing you today (in taka)!!!after the hey! gorgeous shooting in NTU. hope to see you again in campus again this year…

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