Diving @ Phuket

Just got back from Phuket, Thailand. Went there for a dive trip since the diving season there is now open!

This is what I’ve edited ( a good 4 hrs work… ) from the videos I took during the dives.

[youtube JJRkg-vWOiQ&hl]

Me and my little bro jj flew over to Phuket last Tuesday to meet Jacki, who is already there. Although the trip started with some hiccups here and there ( air tics, delay flights etc.. ), it turns out pretty ok end of the day. I stayed in 2 resorts this trip.

Shanti Lodge is a cosy resort, very near to the jetty so running around was easy…

Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008

This is the little girl that jj thinks she really looks like a doll 🙂
Phuket 2008

After we’ve completed our 2 day’s dives ( yes, very short, only 2 days 🙁 ), our friend Terry, who is currently working in Phuket, is so nice that he specially arrange for us to stay in Bel Air Panwa, which is a really wonderfully resort, everything is just so relax and comfortable…

phuket 021208 424

Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008

Taking pictures in and out of water was fun. Now, I’ve got a digi cam for underwater, and a SLR on land… haha… And since there is only the 3 of us, my little bro jj naturally became the subject in most of my pics…

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Look carefully… figure out where’s the eyes and mouth of this frog fish…
Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008 Phuket 2008

Leisure time…

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Phuket 2008

Can’t wait to head out for another dive trip…
Phuket 2008

Click here! for more pictures. And if you are interested to go diving in Phuket, or thinking of taking up diving courses ( open water, advance course etc… ), this is who you should contact!

Gill Divers

Will post the pictures of the trip after I’ve done organizing them. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Diving @ Phuket”

  1. cool video!!
    is like, can only watch such things on national geo lor..
    and now it’s ur own video.. really very cool!
    i now understand why u love diving so much! =)

  2. it will be cool to spent your holiday there right! with nice water and
    the sea is clear and the music from the sea =D.
    so what will you be doing this few weeks?

    ( New Year coundown show… 🙂 – from 22 )

  3. Great pictures… you make me craved for diving again.
    May I know what equipment did you use for photography?
    I’ve not dived in Phuket before, it sure seemed that the marine life there is full of different species.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    ( just my canon ixus 80 and underwater casing… haha – from 22 )

  4. U all will be at vivo city on 31 dec for channel 8 countdown show right?

    Do u noe what time start and what time end?? Thanks. See u soon. =)

  5. hello hello. i would like to ask you whether you can remember the address of the manicure shop when you filmed ‘jolly good time’. i didnt take note of the address:X

    thanks! 😀

    ( The Link at orchard Road… 2nd storey near escalator.. 200+ per session I think.. From 22 )

  6. Nice filming of the underwater world and the great editing. A lot of work in that film. I can’t go so deep into the sea but becos of ur film, I managed to see the beauty of it. Thanks so much. 🙂

  7. hi dasmond,

    i hope u to put more of ur photos n other actress n actors photos!
    I love wat u says in the show with joanna peh, u says that she look alike as star wars in little nyonya!
    I think tat u r a comedy king!

  8. is that monica in the pic? too small cant see. Ha ^^
    I havent dive in Phuket but I thought there wasnt much, but you just proved otherwise!

    ( ha.. ya, that’s Monica! 🙂 – from 22 )

  9. heyy i know this sounds stupid but is your camera water proof, how come can take photos underwater?
    that said, the pics look realllyyyy good (: kudos!

    ( you gotta put your camera into a underwater casing, which makes the camera water proof 🙂 – from 22 )

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