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Are you up for it? 大明星你行吗?

It was indeed fun, trying our best to master something new… Thanks to Channel 8’s new variety show Are you up for it? 大明星你行吗?

I had much fun doing the 2 episodes.

Martial Art 武术

It wasn’t easy, really… Luckily there’s my buddy Vincent Ng. Having him with me ease off my learning quite a bit.

We learnt, and we fought for better performance…

Here’s each of us, with our 师傅 (they spent quite a bit of time with us to make sure we master what we need to… haha!)

And to each and everyone who’s involved in this episode, thank you so much… for making the journey such a fun and interesting one 🙂


Never knew working with ‘flour aka mee’ can be so fun…

And I must really count my blessing… Martial Art challenge I’ve got Vincent, and this episode I’ve got Ann Kok!

Been awhile since we last worked together!

We spend quite a bit of time trying to pick up the skill. The process was interesting… not forgetting to mention that we were all well fed by Amy (Orchard Hotel)! 吃饱饱 心情好!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the 2 episodes… If you’ve missed it, go watch it here!

Martial Art 武术


Am I doing more?… Stay tuned!

House Keeping~

Been a while I did some house keeping for all my photos.
Guess what, it was a tedious job that took me almost 4 solid hours.

But well, it was nice to have the memories nicely kept 🙂

Here’s the past 4 weeks of Sheng Siong Show’s photos… with some thoughts attached…

My Favorite host, all time! So glad I get to see her 30 over Saturdays a year!


The nicest fans 🙂

22s 1

22s 2

fans 1

And now, the performing guest artistes…




有一天我会 的原唱者张琼瑶。或许你对这首歌不是很熟悉,但是仔细看看歌词,就会发现这是一首很有意思的歌。。。

有些事我没说 但我有感觉
有些事我没说 但我知道结果
有些事我没说 但你有感觉
有些事我没说 但你知道结果
有一天我会 插上翅膀飞
有一天我会 张开双眼看
有一天我会 见到我的梦中有谁
有一天我会 飞过世界的背

fans 1

本地美声组合 MICappella 麦克疯人声乐团!多多支持!


fans 1

校园Superstar 2013 的冠军 Bonnie罗美仪。
也不是很熟,但是,就是有着那一份亲切感 :)

fans 1


fans 1

8频道电视剧‘小子当家’的主题曲!记得要多多支持咱家小子 冯伟衷 初挑大梁的演出!
还有,到 FaceBook的最喜爱男角色 给他投票喔!在此谢过啦!

潮人攻略 No.4



男生的服饰,总偏向保守呆板。也正因为这样,潮人攻略 No。4 就决定给你来点特别的!


Jason@threesixfive 1

‘左拥’本人,‘右抱’徐鸣杰的,就是本土设计师 JR!

Jason@threesixfive 3

Style:Check in 所在位置:-
9 Raffles Boulevard, P2-23, Parco Millenia Walk


Jason@threesixfive 2

更喜欢 JR 的设计,注重细致剪裁,线条大胆却不失典雅。同时,以新颖独到的文案为设计注入一丝幽默,主要强调独立自主的男士不应不一味地跟随潮流,而是能主导属于自己的潮流,穿出自我。




Style:Check in 所在位置:-
37 Joo Chiat Place
Tel: +65 6346 1338




Shiweitian 1


Shiweitian 2

酥炸莲藕片、芋头丝, 搭配奶香厚重的咸蛋酱

Shiweitian 3

Hello! 潮人!

Been a while…
How’ve you been? 🙂

After spending much of my effort on other social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, 微博 etc… It’s time for me to catch up with you guys over my blogsite again 🙂

Dasmond Koh 许振荣 Profile

Pretty seldom we’ve got the chance to host a variety show that involves 7 hosts, and telecast in 2 countries concurrently. Yeap, I’m talking Channel U’s Style: Check in! 潮人攻略 :)



主持人许振荣、杨志龙、杜惠甹、周颖、徐鸣杰、 李美玲和胡佳琪在城市里行走尝鲜,寻找城市里的新事物。在内容的表现手法方面,不仅是单纯的介绍,而是以一种时尚的生活态度来介绍城中的流行资讯。

7 of us, each with our own unique character and style. 不同的风格, 新鲜的搭配, 会撞击出怎么样的火花? 留意每逢星期二, U 频道吧!

上个星期我的单元 🙂

Vertical Plant 垂直花园

Greentechmaterials Pte Ltd
33 Vertex
Ubi Ave 3 #04-42
Singapore 408868

Style Check in! (2)

Style Check in! (9)

Style Check in! (10)

Style Check in! (1)

这个单元的搭档, 爱玩爱闹的周颖!

Style Check in! (3)


Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120


Carpenter & Cook


这家咖啡馆的家具,客人都可以买回家. 这些家具是老板在英国的时候,去跳蚤市场采购收集,然后运回来的。

Style Check in! (8)

Style Check in! (7)


Style Check in! (4)

这个单元的搭档, 还是爱玩爱闹的周颖!

Style Check in! (5)

Style Check in! (6)

来临星期二,别忘了追看 Style: Check-in! 潮人攻略!

想当潮人一组? 那就加入我们吧!

Style: Check-in! 潮人攻略 FaceBook
潮人攻略 Facebook

Channel U FaceBook
潮人攻略 Channel U

Twitter #StyleCheckIn
潮人攻略 Twitter

Instagram #StyleCheckIn
潮人攻略 Instagram


I’m back from Shanghai Star Search!….


Last Saturday was a Super~ long day…
Woke up around 10plus in the morning, reach Pudong Airport at 9 plus at night to catch my midnight flight ( which we happen to bump into the whole group of 我的导游是明星 ).
Thought I could sleep on board during the 6 hour’s flight, but NO! I was awake all the way!
Arrive at Changi Airport around 6am in the morning….
Got into studio in the afternoon for yesterday’s 繽紛萬千在升菘 rehearsal before it goes live at 9pm.

Tired… but….

Thanks to all the U Kiss fans… the shouts and screaming of u guys and gals throughout the show was damn powerful lah!
I was kept awake the whole night because of you all!!!! hahaha

perfectgroup was fast, within a day U Kiss performance in 繽紛萬千在升菘 was posted up in youtube! Check it out!

I must admit that I dun have much idea of U Kiss before yesterday’s show. But they have definitely impressed me a lot. Not only their performance, but also their humble and polite attitude 🙂

I seriously think that we should do some kind of a variety show featuring these K-pop or J-pop groups, or artiste that came over to Singapore… Even if it’s only a few episodes… What do you think? ; ]

Whose next to appear on ?

4th July Eddie Peng Yu Yan 彭于晏


11th July Korean Group 2AM


Where’s next for me?

Early July KL – Starch Search
Mid July Japan – New City Beat

Star Awards 2010

After much talk about, yeap…. the day has arrived….
Today is the Star Awards 2010!


We had our rehearsal yesterday night, at Resorts World Sentosa. I bet tonight gonna be quite a fun one 🙂

10 years ago.. not knowing exactly what was happening. I went up to the stage to receive my 1st ever top 10 trophy.
I’m glad after a good 10 years, I’m still ‘kicking and alive’ in the entertainment scene.

Whether or not being able to walk away with another top 10 title, I’m feeling contented.
I was blessed abundantly, showered with all the love I’ve received from a lot of people around me… production teams, collegues, bosses and even you, that I might not know…

Allow me to extend my deepest appreciation to you,
those who have walked with me, supported me all these years.
I’m who I am because of you….

I won’t say I’m not nervous at all…
Like what I’ve said earlier… I’ve improved from last year ( which I wasn’t even in top 20 list ), and that’s good enough, winning will be an extra bonus 🙂

I’ll post some behind the scene stuff when I’m back from Star Awards!

May the best man wins…

Before I sign off, there’s this app A Moment in Time put together by Usual Production House.

book cover

My fellow collegue Ling Zhi and I did up this illustration book a few years back.
So, if you have a iPhone, iPod or iPad, do download it and share the memory ya!


yes, I wasn’t in a very good mood when I’m writing this post.

Everything was cool until an hour ago.
My stupid phone hang on me. After I restarted it. Everything was wiped out.

It’s my fault that I didn’t back up my contacts…
because I just shifted house and change my comm!!! ( ahem!… excuses.. ~yeah, so what?!!! )

My little bro jj was nice enough to drop comment like “you got my number can already, that’s all you need :)”
Miss Quan was fast enough to be the 1st to call ( her number is like one kind of diff to rem… )

How many numbers I have in my phone… close to a thousand… *sweat~

So now its the time to test who are my friend and whose not… I guess…

Tonight at 2120hrs. Channel U.
Youth Olympic variety featuring badminton.


YaoDong and my coach…



Check our skill out…



Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

It was definitely a FUn and Interesting Party at VIVO City!

Not only that we had fun on stage, hours before the show, the party started behind the scene!

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010Channel 8 Countdown 2010Channel 8 Countdown 2010Channel 8 Countdown 2010Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010Channel 8 Countdown 2010Channel 8 Countdown 2010Channel 8 Countdown 2010Channel 8 Countdown 2010

I always feel that it’s a blessing being able to have everyone gathering together, sharing joy and laughter…
Ushering in a brand new year in such a way shows how lucky we are!

The splendid show!

SeXy BaBes~

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Bright Young Stars!

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Rocking the HoUsE!!!

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Lovely Duet 🙂

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Candy Gal ” 0 ”

Channel 8 Countdown 2010


Channel 8 Countdown 2010

‘Strawberry boys?’… haha

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Back to the Retro!

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Beautiful Fann…

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Dancing Princess

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

and MiLuBing~

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Have a great 2010!

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

I look kinda lost after the show yah?… haha~

Channel 8 Countdown 2010

More Picture!

Channel 8 Countdown 2010