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New Toy :)

Today started off beautifully.

Woke up early to receive my ‘new toy’ 🙂

OSIM uInfinity!

I’m a person who cannot do without massage.
Massage is like therapeutic to me… Put me into the relax mode and allows me to unwind after a long day of work.
The thought of bringing home a ‘masseur’ had been lingering in my mind for quite some time. Last week, I FINALLY put it into action! haha!

What’s more convenient than having a ‘masseur’ at home? Moreover, it’s one that’s
recommended by Mr Lau! Yes, Mr Andy Lau!

I know this sounds very commercial, but I don’t care ;p
I just gotta do this because this machine is such a masterpiece! 有好东西就应该跟大家分享!

<iframe width=”550″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

I’m admit I’m lazy. I don’t like to read instruction book.

So, I actually try my luck by asking OSIM for technical assistance…

ME: “You know, like having those trainer to come to you and teach you how to use the machine? … “
OSIM: “Oh, We’ll try to arrange for that :)”
ME: “So, there’ll be a trainer coming over?”
OSIM: “Yeap! I send you his pic? He’s our Andy Lau (*giggle)”

The picture I received…
Mr Patrick aka OSIM’s Andy Lau. *Ahem!

The training session was a good one I must say.

Cleared a lot of the doubts I have regarding my personal ‘masseur’, and brings our relationship much closer… haha!
If you are wondering what’s the difference between the new chair (OSIM uInfinity) and the previous models they have, one sentence tell it all.. it’s 天王之王!!!

There’s a lot more being offered!
See! Full recline!

And the chair ‘hugs’ better.. Oh ya! The well received foot massager uPhoria was incorporated!
Even my super hyper dog 22 can’t resist the charm of the uInfinity…
Staring at it when I’m doing my massage.

The massage programme I like most?

Heavenly King!

It started off with 3 minutes of focus on the lower back (action of pushing and arching the lower back). It pushes the lower back once, and holds. Then pushes further and holds plus the airbag started to squeeze at butt area.
Next, a deep massaging sensation at the back of the neck simulates the experience of a hair wash in a salon. Heavy stepping technique on the upper back area.
Then the action of pushing and arching the lower back was repeated. And in the final minute, it pushes as it rolls down from Neck & Shoulders to lower back…

Shiok! 单单听就够爽了不是吗? ;p
Umm… Shall stop now. Going back to the ‘masseur’!

Visit OSIM’s Facebook page, uInfinity microsite or Youtube channel for more information!

Diary 37/2013

Past few days, I must say, it’s an interesting one.

There’s so much to do, so little time.
Since I couldn’t really sleep now, why not let’s do a recap 🙂

Never really understand how fun Race Me to the Stars was, until last Sunday…
Boy… the contestants were so creative! Despite it was along and hot day, I am truely glad that I was given the chance to host the programme (which will be telecasting on 22nd Sept 8:30pm on Channel U).

And my ‘long time not see’ darling Glenda!!!

Apart from Race me, the other event I hosted was HPB’s tele-movie Recipe 回味’s Press Conference and Gala Premier.

Starring Zoe Tay, Li Yinzhu, Mosses Lim, Shen Jingxing and Jayley Woo and directed by Eric Khoo. Very meaningful show. Remember to catch it on Channel 8, 29th Sept 9pm.

That aside, there’s 2 other things that kept me really occupied this week.
Number One… Preparing for this show…

What’s that? you will get to know soon… ‘good lobang’… cannot miss… I will let you know in no time…

Number Two. The minor renovation of my place. Got some cupboard done up and redesign some layout. Still quite a bit to settle…

I’ve eased out a corner in my living room, creating space for a new addition.
What could it be?

Here’s an old grandmother story…





我家里有一台 Nespresso 咖啡冲泡机,我们经过 Ion 的 Nespresso 专卖店,我说没几句咖啡机有多方便,她就。。。

好了 。。。累了 。。。
这几天还有得忙呢 。。。


Ha Ha 哈哈

He is the primary jocker in the cast…
He has a nickname “Haroro” because he has a similar face with a cartoon character…
He likes to act as a main lead of movie, which is comical I think…
He is actually a playboy. Everytime he saw beautiful female guests, he will say “Be my final love!”…


And he, is coming to 缤纷万千在昇菘

Running Man Ha Ha 哈哈!

20th July! Write in to Sheng Siong for tickets if you wanna see him live!!!

The Sheng Siong Show
Sheng Siong
6 Mandai Link
Singapore 728652
(remember to enclose an return envelope having your own home address written)

House Keeping~

Been a while I did some house keeping for all my photos.
Guess what, it was a tedious job that took me almost 4 solid hours.

But well, it was nice to have the memories nicely kept 🙂

Here’s the past 4 weeks of Sheng Siong Show’s photos… with some thoughts attached…

My Favorite host, all time! So glad I get to see her 30 over Saturdays a year!


The nicest fans 🙂

22s 1

22s 2

fans 1

And now, the performing guest artistes…




有一天我会 的原唱者张琼瑶。或许你对这首歌不是很熟悉,但是仔细看看歌词,就会发现这是一首很有意思的歌。。。

有些事我没说 但我有感觉
有些事我没说 但我知道结果
有些事我没说 但你有感觉
有些事我没说 但你知道结果
有一天我会 插上翅膀飞
有一天我会 张开双眼看
有一天我会 见到我的梦中有谁
有一天我会 飞过世界的背

fans 1

本地美声组合 MICappella 麦克疯人声乐团!多多支持!


fans 1

校园Superstar 2013 的冠军 Bonnie罗美仪。
也不是很熟,但是,就是有着那一份亲切感 :)

fans 1


fans 1

8频道电视剧‘小子当家’的主题曲!记得要多多支持咱家小子 冯伟衷 初挑大梁的演出!
还有,到 FaceBook的最喜爱男角色 给他投票喔!在此谢过啦!


Jason@threesixfive 3

















Everyone was happy today.

15 方大同

For one simple reason. We’ve got 方大同 coming to our show.
The previous time we met were like 3 years ago, in the same show… And I must say I was kinda impressed by him, when he utters ‘I think we’ve met few years back…’ during rehearsal. For someone like him to remember we’ve met before ( considering the number of strangers he met during his countless promotional tour ), I think its something worth applaud for…

A talented musician.
And nice guy.

Oh yah, thanks for the autographed CD…
All the best and hope to see ya soon 🙂

Are you into Song~ writing? :)

Can you recogize their voice?

This is the mandarin version of NEA Eco Music Challenge 1 winning song (Heaven on Earth) 绿色世界… Sang by a few of the Campus Superstar kids!… umm… not kids anymore… haha!

Eco Music CD

Support them! Support Clean and Green effort! you can check out the details of getting an album or a song! The pic above will link you there!

And yeap, if you like composing song and singing… Eco Music Challenge is back! Click on the banner below to check them out on the FaceBook 🙂

Eco Music 2




Dasmond Koh





Got good buy must share with you 🙂

Event : Laneige Road Show!
Hylam Street (open street in Bugis Junction)

Road Show is on-going since Mon and I’ll be there at
Sat 19 March: 2 – 3 pm
Sun 20 March: 3 – 4 pm

If you want, you can read on to see what’s the offer available… if not just pop by and check it out on Sat and Sun…


This is a must must if you need someone to do proper makeup for you to shoot a portfolio pic.. come for the make up session, they will shoot a pic for you! Paid amt fully redeemable for Laneige products! ;p )

Have to call and check for slot availability 68359772

$30 (Local makeup artistes)
$80 (Korean Makeup artiste Mr. Park Min-Hyuk)

Now, what they have there…


Purchase $80 and receive 1 chance at Spin-The-Wheel to win prizes.

* Towel Set
* Waterbottle
* Snowflake blanket
* Water Bank Post-It
* Basic starter kit
* Basic Essential kit
* Makeup trial kit
* Hydra Solution trial kit

Purchase $150 & above and receive 7-pc gift and bag:
Trial kit:Refiner 15ml, Emulsion 15ml, Essence 10ml, Night Cream 10ml, Eye Serum 3ml etc)


Purchase $250 & above & receive additional 4-pc gift, bag, luggage (I want!) and jewellery box:

* Clear C Effector 15ml
* Water Sleeping Pack 20 ml
* Multiberry Peeling Gel 10 ml
* Multiberry Yogurt Pack 20 ml
* 4-wheeler Luggage
* Jewellery Box

My Paper readers who show the ad will get an additional 5-pc GWP after Korean makeover:

* Pore Clear Wash-off Pack 10ml
* Sunblock Duo Trial Kit: Sunblock Triple 10ml & Homme Sunblock Leport 10ml
* Towel Set

Hyun Bin Autographed Paraphernalia *exclusive to My Paper Readers

Purchase any 2 items from Spring collection and receive Hyun Bin autographed mug

Wear something green/yellow, and Receive a skincare set worth $41 (stock last)

* Water Bank Eye Gel 5 ml
* Water Bank Hydro Gel 5 ml
* Power Essential Skin Refiner Ice 3 ml
* Pore Wash-off Pack 10 ml
* Pore Spot Essence 3 ml
* Pore Tightening Essence 5 ml
* Shimmering Multi-Cream 10 ml

And if you just wanna stand around and watch, I’ve also got Q&A Prizes for you!!! hahaha