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Hello! 潮人!

Been a while…
How’ve you been? 🙂

After spending much of my effort on other social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, 微博 etc… It’s time for me to catch up with you guys over my blogsite again 🙂

Dasmond Koh 许振荣 Profile

Pretty seldom we’ve got the chance to host a variety show that involves 7 hosts, and telecast in 2 countries concurrently. Yeap, I’m talking Channel U’s Style: Check in! 潮人攻略 :)



主持人许振荣、杨志龙、杜惠甹、周颖、徐鸣杰、 李美玲和胡佳琪在城市里行走尝鲜,寻找城市里的新事物。在内容的表现手法方面,不仅是单纯的介绍,而是以一种时尚的生活态度来介绍城中的流行资讯。

7 of us, each with our own unique character and style. 不同的风格, 新鲜的搭配, 会撞击出怎么样的火花? 留意每逢星期二, U 频道吧!

上个星期我的单元 🙂

Vertical Plant 垂直花园

Greentechmaterials Pte Ltd
33 Vertex
Ubi Ave 3 #04-42
Singapore 408868

Style Check in! (2)

Style Check in! (9)

Style Check in! (10)

Style Check in! (1)

这个单元的搭档, 爱玩爱闹的周颖!

Style Check in! (3)


Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120


Carpenter & Cook


这家咖啡馆的家具,客人都可以买回家. 这些家具是老板在英国的时候,去跳蚤市场采购收集,然后运回来的。

Style Check in! (8)

Style Check in! (7)


Style Check in! (4)

这个单元的搭档, 还是爱玩爱闹的周颖!

Style Check in! (5)

Style Check in! (6)

来临星期二,别忘了追看 Style: Check-in! 潮人攻略!

想当潮人一组? 那就加入我们吧!

Style: Check-in! 潮人攻略 FaceBook
潮人攻略 Facebook

Channel U FaceBook
潮人攻略 Channel U

Twitter #StyleCheckIn
潮人攻略 Twitter

Instagram #StyleCheckIn
潮人攻略 Instagram

ECO Music Challenge Showcase!

These guys really rockzz….!

NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase

NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase

I was glad to be invited by NEA to host the ECO Music Challenge Showcase at TIMBRE 🙂
It was a really fun evening.

There was food… ;p

NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase

And Music with a friendly ‘green’ message!

NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase

NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase

I’ve always believe that music is a good media to connect individuals… and this evening definitely proves me right once again.
We’ve got some of the ECO Music Challenge season 1 contestants back to perform their winning songs… and they’re really cool 🙂

They never thought they would’ve gone this far when they first submitted their entry, but look, they’ve got their song in this ECO Music Challenge season 1 album!

NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase

We’ve got the ‘powerful voice’ Jill Marie Thomas to share some 金玉良言, and of course her music too…

NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase

And a surprise performance by the talented Inch Chua!

NEA Eco Music Challenge Showcase

Now, if you like composing… do remember to send in your entry for ECO Music Challenge 2! Before 20 June 2011 (Monday)!

Eco Music 2

What’s up for you?
Apart from spreading the green message through your original compose, you stand to win…

1st Prize: $5000
2nd Prize: $3000
3rd Prize: $2000
7 consolation prizes worth $300 each

There’re also other awards like Most Popular song: $300 and Young Musician Award: $300

Ok, if you cant compose but love music, go to the FB site and vote, 1 Lucky voter will win an Ipod Nano 16GB.

Look out for the finale concert held on 27 August 2011!
Top 3 will also get a chance to showcase their song at TIMBRE @ Substation.

Yeap, start working on it now…
NOW! 🙂

( all photos taken from the ECO Music Challenge FB site… do check out the rest of the event photos )

Game Time!

If you’ve been following my blog, guess you should be pretty familiar with my 2 ‘very green’ friends “Greco” and “Beco”.
Tall “Greco” representing green buildings and small “Beco” championing green homes. These 2 cute fellows are here to share with you some ideas of green buildings…

Weibin and CK, who had attended the BCA exhibition last weekend, were like having so much fun there… go chk out their photos and also all the comments on the wall of BCA Facebook page… The Facebook wall is definitely bustling with activities!


And what’s more… you can have fun by simply playing games with “Greco” and “Beco”!
Check out the contest page in the BCA Facebook site ☺

‘GRECO & BECO BOUNCE’ Facebook contest is now on till 28 November!

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at AM 05.46.55

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at AM 05.46.47

There are floating red question mark bubbles in the game. Get the bubbles to earn point… but of course you must be smart lah… If you are not ( ahem… ) find clues here!

Screen shot 2010-11-18 at AM 01.53.15

Screen shot 2010-11-18 at AM 01.53.03

Screen shot 2010-11-18 at AM 01.51.53

… So that you can win an Apple iPad! Actually I shouldn’t have tell you this, cos it will lower down my chances of winning… Ummm……

Stay Green!

This was one of the comment I received recently.
Thanks to you!! I won the ipad… *happy*!! from Y.Wen

Why not me! haha!

In case you are wondering what’s happening, The previous round of the BCA Green Building Exhibition’s Facebook contest, iPad was the prize I’m eyeing for… lol…

What’s the exhibition about? To give you a chance to take a look at how green homes can safe money simply by applying green tricks learn over there. Also, there’s game suitable for friends and families like “Help Beco Grow Contest” where you have to form teams with anyone there to try to stack boxes up.

Stack2 Stack1

And now… the BCA Green Building Exhibition is back!

Date: 11 to 14 November 2010
Venue: Compass Point at Seng Kang
Time: 12 noon to 8pm

wb DD Weibin and CK will be there on the 13th Nov, 12noon 🙂

Eco Bags will also be given out this time round too… 🙂

DasmondKoh_BCA brief (1)

Go cut out the coupon from Today newspaper. Or if you are into Facebook stuff, click here! to visit BCA Facebook Page cos they will be announcing a secret password on 8th Nov, collect it and then head down to the exhibition counter, tell the staff the secret password and collect the limited edition Eco Bag!

Before I go, rem to check out the Top 10 entries of the “My Green City, My Green Home” Canvas Bag Design Competition displayed at Compass Point.
This competition is open to all secondary schools and aims to create awareness amongst students about the effects of climate change on the built environment and hence our quality of life. Go thru the top 10 entries and make a guess who’s gonna be the winner! Result will be announced on 11th November!


Stupid Ben! Haha!
I know we all care! More and more people started to be mindful of what they are doing, whether is it harmful to the mother earth.. This shows how much we care 🙂

Taking it a step further… you know, we’re always being asked长大后要做什么?
Last time was like 医生,警察,消防员,老师,律师…
Now, more and more people are into jobs that are related to ‘green’.

Singaporeans like to buy and sell houses… haha! So maybe a job related to ‘building’ might be a good choice… ‘green building professionals’… sounds good huh? I was told there is a rise in demand…

Read this from somewhere in the internet…

The attractiveness of green building careers?
It is indeed a meaningful career path for youths to consider as firstly, they will be involved in the worthy cause of mitigating climate change and secondly, they will be working with advanced technologies to produce creative solutions to achieve environmental sustainability…

This is the website you can explore more if you are interested…

Architect, mechanical engineer etc… you can do your part in helping to build a ‘green building industry’… 我们全靠你了!haha 🙂

tower Dun forget this game gonna end on Sunday, rem to try your luck ;p

Tower Stacko vs Angry Birds


After performing so well in ( Trail version all 3 stars! Paid version 1st part also 3 stars! Ahem… haha! ), I decided to take a break from it…

Currently, my new challenge…

Tower Stacko!


Bet you should have played a lot of different version, I’m currently trying to set my record in the BCA’s face book Tower Stacko…!
Okay, I admit I’ve got coordination problem… between aiming and dropping it… haha! But although the game is simple, it’s no as easy k! Dun believe you try it, then you’ll know… and you stand a chance to win an Apple iPad, regardless of how clumsy you stack them! Hahaha! Ends 26th Sept fyi…
( must click the info that pops out sometimes on the left bottom to gain more point… dun say I didn’t share the tips hor… : )

Speaking about games, there is this other cool green home builder game which you can find here!
green You can build a green house like in The Sims. I find it really useful as it shows you how to make your home greener and save money while playing something fun. 🙂

Picture 2

Need some cool information about green tips for your home and offices? Try by clicking the picture above. You can even find out where all the green buildings are in Singapore using their directory! Go check it out!

And if you’re kinda into green stuff, apart from joining the NEA facebook page that I recommended previously, you can also join BCA Facebook page and contribute ideas to the building of green homes!!/bcagreen?v=wall&ref=ts

I wanna win iPad! haha

Mum was like asking how come the weather was like so unpredictable and bad recently, floods etc… and I took awhile to explain to her regarding global warming….

She appears to be like… catch a bit of ball… but don’t understand it totally…

So now you see, they dunno, they cant do much… but if you are more educated than her… you should be aware of global warming’s impact . And do a bit more… it can be simple and easy moves… which will help to save the environment…

Taking about that, after I’ve been following quite a bit of BCA movements (since a few month ago), I started to think building Green home is like quite challenging huh? I’ve got no talent in it lah… but I like admiring nice and unique ideas…… Apart from the funny jokes and lame post I surf in the net, I started to search a lot on Green Building nowadays too… *upgrade myself yah… ;p

Accumulating tips on building Green home… Who knows, one day…one fine day… I might be involve in building one… haha!
Reuse, Recycle, Reduce… 🙂

Talking about it, if you’ve missed the BCA Green Building Exhibition previous round being held in HDB Hub, coming up next is at Marina SQ Central Atrium, 9th to 12th Sept, 12 noon to 8pm. Go with your friends or family. You will be able to pick up some green tips and apply them at home to save $$…

DasmondKoh_BCA brief (3)

DasmondKoh_BCA brief (1)

I want the Eco Bag they’re giving out.. think my mum will love… to see my domestic helper carry it while they’re are out shopping for grocery … She will think it’s nice but too stylo and hip for her… so seeing it beside her is a joy.. haha!

DasmondKoh_BCA brief (2)

And you know what?…
I dunno when I’ll lay my hand on an iPad, but winning it from the BCA Tower Stacko game on their Facebook page… umm… idea sia~ Click on the pic above to go to the game! :p

Hi Greco & Beco!

Greco & Beco???
You must be wondering who are they? hahaha…

There is like so many mascots around us nowadays…
YOG, World Expo etc…

yog world expo

Now let me introduce to you my 2 new friends! ~clap ~clap

Green bca2

This is how they look in real person… ahem…!! ( not the 2 gals lah! Beside them! )

Green bca4

Just got to know them when I was like trying to surf the net for some renovation stuff.
They were introduced to me by BCA ( Building & Construction Authority )! *… yah, right!…*

Enough of jokes…
This is the Green Building Exhibition done by BCA.
They have been going around Singapore to create awareness with regards to Green Building.
I thought it would be nice to share this info with you… 🙂

If you’ve got time, hop on down to HDB Hub this weekend. I wish I could…
Seems like there’s quite a bit to explore, looking at past event’s photo and write up…

Green bca3

…visitors got up close with the faces behind green buildings and were provided with insights into the career
of green building professionals across the whole value chain. They will learn about how a ‘Green Mark’ certified
home can reduce water & energy bills & improve indoor environmental quality for healthy living… blah blah…

Which means –
If you are looking for jobs, should go….
If you want a ‘green’ home, should also go…

Nonetheless, the event looks fun…
Bring your friends, kaki, family there this weekend, if you dun have to work ( unlike me 🙁 )…

green bca1

Green Home :)

Anyone who has engaged into house renovation will know how headache it is.
After going into phase 2 of my house’s renovation project, there is like thousand and one things to take care of…

I’m now a part time interior designer ( self acclaim… ahem! 🙂 )


Trying to hunt for all the eco friendly ideas, to see if I could incorporate it into my house.
I remember there’s something like a Green Building Exhibit done by BCA launched not too long ago… And that’s what I need, Green Green Home! hahaha…

Ok lah, I’m not that bad in Green stuff. Here’s some stuffs that I’m doing…


Plants provide oxygen. It helps clean the air because of photosynthesis. It has also been proven that they have calming effects on people…


Window Film!

To reduce heat penetration, lower room temperature and cut down on my air-conditioning bills… Yeah!

So… What else huh? Anything to contribute?