Game Time!

If you’ve been following my blog, guess you should be pretty familiar with my 2 ‘very green’ friends “Greco” and “Beco”. Tall “Greco” representing green buildings and small “Beco” championing green homes. These 2 cute fellows are here to share with you some ideas of green buildings… Weibin and CK, who had attended the BCA … Read moreGame Time!

Stay Green!

This was one of the comment I received recently. Thanks to you!! I won the ipad… *happy*!! from Y.Wen Why not me! haha! In case you are wondering what’s happening, The previous round of the BCA Green Building Exhibition’s Facebook contest, iPad was the prize I’m eyeing for… lol… What’s the exhibition about? To give … Read moreStay Green!

Green Home :)

Anyone who has engaged into house renovation will know how headache it is. After going into phase 2 of my house’s renovation project, there is like thousand and one things to take care of… I’m now a part time interior designer ( self acclaim… ahem! 🙂 ) Trying to hunt for all the eco friendly … Read moreGreen Home 🙂