ADEX 2010

Yeap, for the first time, I’ll be appearing as a Diver… haha! ADEX 2010 will be held at SUNTEX Hall 402. I was invited by Amazing Dive for a special appearance on Sat, 10th April, 3pm… Join me if you are free 🙂 There will be a lot of promotions going on, and of course, … Read more ADEX 2010

Let's Dive! Divers! Non-diver! Anyone whose interested in diving! Check this out! This clip was shot during a recent pool/underwater photo shoot we did. Fun! Can’t wait to see the photos! Anyways, ADEX Singapore will be held soon! 9th ~ 11th April 2010 Suntec City Hall 402 I’ll be there on 11th April 3pm to 4pm … Read more Let's Dive!


Thought of heading Tioman or Dayang for a dive before the next season of Sheng Siong Show starts in April… Anyone interested? Leaving in the evening of 3rd April back on 5th night ( weekend getaway ). Cost id $350 for leisure Dive, and $599 for Open Water course. What about a Longer holiday? haha … Read more Travel!