8 thoughts on “Campus Superstar Round 2B”

  1. yo ho how come U put F3 and F4 song title wrongly leh…wow lau leh make pp confused loh..But now watching the results…Not sure my guess whether is right..M1 as his singing very weird does not feel the song is right…I still prefer Wang lee hom singing the best…F3 is going to be out tonight…

  2. i like e sml little boy nos 4631 hope he can get into final lol ^^ PRaYhArD pRaYhaRd
    see this week I saw u new house wOOooO SOoo NiCe N mEiLi HmMm not n=only I i oso saw it Frm xinmIn paPpEr oso Bt i feel that they write too little aBt ur hoSu liao not like yiFeng… ={

  3. yeap yeap… pai seh, F3 and F4 song shld be the other way round… ha!
    Well, the results proves that phone call is really impt…

    p/s: jus wanna drop a note to say that Teri’s a good gal, really positive attitude. A pity she’s leaving the competition so soon.

  4. yea, can see how she’s puttin in effort to learn mandarin in such a short time…but i guess time waits for no one, esp in a comp like this…

  5. hey .. erm .. the song u put on joanna and teri is supposed to be opposite. joanna sang bu tong and teir sang xin something . i dun know . hahas .. =)

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