17 thoughts on “Campus SuperStar 2 – 0406 Result”

  1. shawn i wish u will win coz i support u very long i wish to see u in real but i can’t coz i don’t know where but i will ask people!!!!!!!!

  2. yesterday’s show was great! you were great! but pornsak was a little funny. why does he look down like he’s hiding “double chin” when the camera’s on him? but overall, nice! can’t wait for next week!

  3. How to get the admissions tickets? I wanted to support my schoolmate but I seriously have no idea where to get the tickets.


  4. I did a double-take when I saw the first pic in yr post Dasmond… Cos you “blended in” with the contestants… Hehehe… means you look very young lah! But funny, both you and Pornsak looked a bit kan chiong during the show… Hmmm….

  5. its sad to see xiu bin out…but afterall, i still prefer 1st batch CSS..esp Yu Yang n theresa…and not forgetting the rest!!

  6. The show is getting more and more ‘Project SuperStar’ feel. We can see the improvement on the graphics, the hosts and the judges! Great show! From the pic, Djong Hoa Jie seems to dote on Shawn a lot. =D

  7. SHAWN IS ULTIMATE CUTE LAR!!!haha… i sound like a pedophile… =P anyway recently your hairstyle quite fu gu… wahaha… and yes yes!! you always host well!!! =)

  8. l0l . Keely and Gu0ha0 both r0x lor . Hop edhey female and male champi0ns ! wahaha .. Chio0bu + SHuaiqe = ???? Prince and Princess? LOL !!

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