I’m glad I’ve done the videos that I posted earlier. Friends I know ( and dunno ) started dropping me messages in FaceBook, emails, sms etc…. telling me how much the clips had served as a reminder to go green… Thanks people, I’m really touched… This proves that we do care… each and everyone of … Read moreGreen!

三人行 必有我师 前阵子的早报专访,你看了吗?:) 迷路兵Sam 所做的翻译,赞吧?哈哈! Quan Yi Fong, Dasmond Koh and Vincent Ng starts learning CAMP, to create an exciting and conducive environment to learn Chinese Ah Jie Quan Yi Fong laments youths in school do not like mandarin. She, together with close friend Dasmond and former Mediacorp artiste Vincent Ng decide to start ‘Wen Fang’, … Read more三人行 必有我师

ADEX 2010

Yeap, for the first time, I’ll be appearing as a Diver… haha! ADEX 2010 will be held at SUNTEX Hall 402. I was invited by Amazing Dive for a special appearance on Sat, 10th April, 3pm… Join me if you are free 🙂 There will be a lot of promotions going on, and of course, … Read moreADEX 2010