I wanna win iPad! haha

Mum was like asking how come the weather was like so unpredictable and bad recently, floods etc… and I took awhile to explain to her regarding global warming…. She appears to be like… catch a bit of ball… but don’t understand it totally… So now you see, they dunno, they cant do much… but if … Read more

Seize the Day!

I have been working pretty hard these few weeks… haha! My house’s mini renovation is done. Finally… and I’m pretty happy about it in fact. Pictures? Nope, won’t let you have a peep, but if you want some tips… maybe I’ll share sometime later… So, little update on what am I up to recently… Filming … Read more

Hi Greco & Beco!

Greco & Beco??? You must be wondering who are they? hahaha… There is like so many mascots around us nowadays… YOG, World Expo etc… Now let me introduce to you my 2 new friends! ~clap ~clap This is how they look in real person… ahem…!! ( not the 2 gals lah! Beside them! ) Just … Read more

Green Home :)

Anyone who has engaged into house renovation will know how headache it is. After going into phase 2 of my house’s renovation project, there is like thousand and one things to take care of… I’m now a part time interior designer ( self acclaim… ahem! 🙂 ) Trying to hunt for all the eco friendly … Read more


www.dasmondkoh.com I’m back from Shanghai Star Search!…. Last Saturday was a Super~ long day… Woke up around 10plus in the morning, reach Pudong Airport at 9 plus at night to catch my midnight flight ( which we happen to bump into the whole group of 我的导游是明星 ). Thought I could sleep on board during the … Read more


www.dasmondkoh.com Yes. I’m back. Been awhile since I’m here… The feeling of writing on blog feels pretty weird… I guess it’s all because I’ve been writing in Chinese for past few weeks. What’s up? Maybe you’re wondering…. I’m currently engaged in writing a book, just a simple diary, sharing some of my thoughts. Who will … Read more