11 thoughts on “2nd Semi-Final’s Result ( Male )”

  1. aiyo..even though guohao is out..hhmms.am not a guohao fans la.but yeahs its abit touching that my tears almost drop out.=(
    so yeahs ..i know guohao and some of the contestant in person..so JIAYOU we love them

  2. ?? ! ????????? “??” ?? . ????? , ??????????????????? ! ??????? ,…..?????????? , ????????????? , ????????? “3” ???????? !!!! ???? !!!!!! ?? !!!!

  3. I feel ??? is tooooooo MUCH in the way that he comment…Although Guohao might not reach his standard, he should not comment far more than singing than ask him to go and pray cos he reach to this stage. Is such as insult to the singer. He tried so hard and all he get is all the critisim and laughter from the audience and the judges. Kindly feedback to this so called “professional” judge that he should go and reflect what he has done and how much he has hurt him. I do not know Guohuo but I think that is not the way to comment in the national tv. This show how unprofessional and emotional he is as a judge. Btw in the national tv I even saw him yawn….WHat kind of image he is reflecting….

  4. waa T Audience u gan gan state out ur views huh..v the daring pei fu pei fu wahaha…as ive said in my recent comments tt ive gt no comment on the judges alr..loL ! so ya sld koe wad i mean =ppppp

    anyway i duno eh nv watch campus superstar liao..so cant say much also.. so its gd tt a video is being posted here,so i can take a look..mayb can post each session of the campus superstar??

    so hows every1 feelin today?good? past few days been raining..so cold..live high floor even more cold..if ur hse flooring is made of marble more more more cold…hehe

  5. anyway T audience,im nt agreeing wth u on the criticising tingy..but my no comments on the judges is meant in “another sense” …dun tink nowadays de pple will ever realise.. [ yes,it has some linkage with ‘professionalism’ ]… but at least it proves tt there r some pple out there who wil not always view judges as perfect..haha.

    anyway do u tink nowadays de pple got good taste for tings..like food/fashion/music industry??????

  6. t audience – maybe li fei hui is trying to be funny. cos the other two judges are quite boring. he is trying to stand out or maybe trying to come up with “xiao dian”. but backfire lah. lol. last time fang zhong hua also keep saying nasty comments that will make the audience laugh. and he also kena bombed. lol.

  7. I just feel that he should just be more objective like the other 2 judges in giving advices on his singing, not saying ask him to pray to thank god such remarks…
    Maybe everyone thinks he dun deserve a place till now, but can see that he try his best and does this deserve some effort and pad on his shoulder, rather than just simply critising everything on his negative pts. Just imagine you are him as your shoes, will you able to take it? Is like simply asking him stop joining all this competition and go home immediately…with his this standard…

  8. hmms, he did quite a good job as he dared to sing slow song dat he nv done dat before. although he is sad, he still stay strong. hahas. he’s good in my heart.! xD

  9. haha true la abit cruel for a little boy. but still, competition is like tt one ma. mus be prepared for nasty remarks.

  10. Like don noe who say…Guohao is really very brave. He worked hard for wad he like.

    Some would say ‘wa…he finally out liao.’

    I think they shouldn’t use finally. I guess he should be sort of relieve that he is out cos i think he would feel bad if he continues to compete. Actually i think he is abit ke lian dat night…

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