New Toy! :)

I’m flying to Spain in a few hour’s time… New City Beat! And yeap, all four Musketeers again! And this round, I’ve got 2 new toys with me! haha! Cool huh? haha! I’ll take tons and tons of pictures k… Some will be appearing in my upcoming book of course 🙂 For those who are … Read more


[youtube bi6RkYlOXD4] Stupid Ben! Haha! I know we all care! More and more people started to be mindful of what they are doing, whether is it harmful to the mother earth.. This shows how much we care 🙂 Taking it a step further… you know, we’re always being asked长大后要做什么? Last time was like 医生,警察,消防员,老师,律师… Now, … Read more

I wanna win iPad! haha

Mum was like asking how come the weather was like so unpredictable and bad recently, floods etc… and I took awhile to explain to her regarding global warming…. She appears to be like… catch a bit of ball… but don’t understand it totally… So now you see, they dunno, they cant do much… but if … Read more