For Xiaxue

Umm… how to start this… Okay, I must admit that I feel pretty bad after reading Xiaxue latest entry ( was directed there… ). I can somehow understand how she feels now. I’m not trying to sound like a nice guy, nor to stir up anything again,creating hits… And definitely not trying to win votes … Read more

Human Character

Character is the expression of the personality of a human being, and that it reveals itself in his conduct. In this sense every man has a character I’ve always been wondering whether human character is born, or its a matter of brought up, or friends surrounding us… If the quote above is right, such that … Read more


Sometimes a day can just pass off as normal as it could be… Sometimes surprises do happen. I was driving near Scotts Road abt an hour back. Suddenly, I could feel that some1 in the car on my right was trying to catch my attention… I turn my head.. and OMG, it was Sharon Aw! … Read more