工作时 上场的那刻…
约会时 对方的出现…
失落时 心情的好转…
快乐时 欢乐的结束…
踌躇时 决择的落定…
失眠时 周公的棋盘…
年少时 梦想的实践…
老来时 一切的结束…

一口气把 所浪费的时间
还回来的话… …


23 thoughts on “等”

  1. 其实有些事情



  2. i used to think we were only 3rd grade people (三等人)…
    for the working class…
    1) everyday: wait for work to end. (上班等下班)
    2) every month: wait for salary to come. (月底等薪水)
    3) every year: wait for retirement / retrenchment to take place. (年年等退休)

    but i think we don’t actually realise…
    by the time we finish waiting for everything to happen in our lives…
    we end up finding that we’ve only got little time left to live…
    so in actual fact, what actually lies at the end of wait???

    to me it’s death… =(
    ie 等死。。。

    and from what you’ve just written…we’re worst than 3rd grade people…lol…

    so we really shouldn’t wait for things to just happen eh? =)

  3. Hi dasmond..Anyway..Nice background u change to…Haha..So free today to change ur blog background..And Nice phrase there!!..Take care!!

  4. 等 是為了觀摸
    等 是為了思考
    等 是為了成長

    好的東西是應該等的,惟有這樣才會懂地真惜 :)

  5. 人为了什么要等?


  6. hey, u changed the layout of ur blog! haha.. same black n grey oni.. haha..

    dis entry is so emo..

    hope all ur 等 r worthy of ur time eventually.. remember, there’s a pot of gold waiting for u at the end of the rainbow..

    take care!

  7. Hi Dasmond,

    much as I do agree with what you said, actually at time, I would rather look at those “seemingly wasted waiting time” in another way… like we are always rushing from one place to another, meeting and seeing people in a “touch-n-go” manner, etc. hence, those “waiting time” can serve to allow us some breathing time and space and take a second look at the surrounding we embrace. to be more appreciative of our existence. =)


  8. nice background… similar to bryan’s blog… i believe u didn’t do it yourself? how abt those posting…? do u artistes really have the time to do all these.. or it’s done by ur “assistant”? hmm……….

    ( yeap, we have professional assistance in the web design, as the the blog… we type in each and every word using our own hands… 🙂 – from 22 )

  9. not waiting doesn’t mean not spending time…
    not waiting simply means not wasting time…
    not waiting also means not accepting fate…

    resting is spending time (on yourself)…
    thinking is spending time (with yourself)…

    so what i’m trying to say (and what i inteprete of your post) is: –

    life is short…
    live life to the fullest…
    there is no time like now… =)

  10. hey dasmond.
    was so happy to see you in NGEE ANN today.
    haha. wanted to go over to take photo with you but didnt pick up my courage.
    but was really excited when i saw you.

    this blogskin seems so emo. i thot i was in bryan’s blog that i even took a second look at the link.

    stay happy (:
    and dont be so emo yea?

    with love,

  11. Hi,

    1st: Nice blog backgrd design. 2nd: to comment a little of ur current blog. Besides all the sad feeling of the ‘waiting’ that we all had went thru, I also thought of a few good points for having the ‘waiting’ time.

    1. To read some books to enrich yourself.
    2. To call or sms some of ur friends to keep in touch w them.
    3. To enjoy and appreciate the beautiful scenaries around us.
    4. Nt rushing ard and nt able to rest….

    Think of some nice and relax things to do in between some waiting time and you will find it nt wasted. 😉

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