10 thoughts on “何方神圣?”

  1. wow, that’s quite a chunk to digest…
    but in any case, you’re one of the local artiste that i respect the most 🙂 really 🙂

  2. hm, who is he? :/
    I don’t understand ur chimchim chinese, lol.
    But anyway, i read the wen zhang.
    S’pore artiste may not be given respect, but for sure, if they worth the respect, they will definitely be respected((:

    I respect you, (:

  3. hahs! i jus went to her(?) blog to read about the superband stuffs she commented about, and didn’t realise you posted about her in this post!

    andyeahh, she does have a good writing style.

  4. 细心体会人物事,以文字坦率地抒发,然后以共鸣作为回报,这是文字创作人最大的感恩。

    作为一个新传媒的freelance viewer(就是偶尔瞄瞄的那一类),我希望看到的是走出reality program,talent shows和所谓的mega-blockbusters的电视世界。



  5. Wow! This is really very deep thought. My Mandarin is not so good so even going to the blog and read it, still can’t really figure out.
    She can really write good stuff. Anyway, Singapore artistes should be given the respect as my family and I always have upmost respect for them.

    Be blessed with happiness
    Edward Han

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