20 thoughts on “不想睡”

  1. heyhey 🙂

    perhaps you can try thinking of happier thoughts 🙂
    or read some story books? ha. like fairytales!
    maybe it’d be easier to fall asleep…. (i guess)

    cheer up ya? you sound troubled..
    there will always be a rainbow after the rain 😀

  2. Maybe u was thinking of someone? Haha. Calm down and feel normal. This few day i not so early sleep. Dun felt like tired. Haa. Hmmm maybe can try eat 几颗龙眼或荔枝. Jia you & take care. =)

  3. hey, I experienced that some time back too.. and it lasted for quite a while… and even though I slept so little, I was so awake and full of energy the next day… was pretty amazing. don’t know where the energy came from…
    can also try drinking a glass of fresh milk with a teaspoon of honey added. other than helping u sleep better, it will actually also give u a “幸福的感觉“ (well, that was how I felt…) 😛

  4. 近來,朋友都問我還好嗎?我突然想起了你~似乎好久不見~!

    ( I’ve been good, hope u r doing fine too 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. Hi Dasmond, if that really works, do let me know and I’ll record down under my collection of recipes. Well, it may be a help to other ppl too when chances come. Who knows! 🙂 A lot of these knowledge will be a help to some others. I always believe that we know these will eventually help others even we dun really need it. 😉

  6. I had a friendshare with me recently that our brains works on frequency.. she sent me a sound clips that is for sleeping frequency.. I had tried played the whole nite and it works on myself and my grandma, if u wan, u can email me and i can send it to u… =)
    Take Care

    ( [email protected] Thanks 🙂 – from 22 )

  7. 很高兴你很好~
    2-2~~~ 难道狗狗换了名字?:)

    ( died due to inherited sickness abt 2 yrs ago… – from 22 )

  8. Hi Das, can’t sleep well ?
    wake up and read books, read until your eyes get tired, U will automatically fall asleep.

  9. hi dasmond, desmond here (same name as u but spell differently! hee)
    well.. iszit u too much stress liao?? have been seeing u hosting so many tv show .. one week duno can c u how many time at tv. haha! its GOOD! mean u gt more $$$ to earn. wahahah!
    perhpas ur work life is too stress liao lor.. maybe u can go for a BREAK.. go for a holidae and ENJOY urself ..
    i have find a website tt i think is suitablr for u.. solution for u to solve ur “can’t get to slp” illness. hahas

    http://www.stanford.edu/~dement/howto.html (its a clean website)

    hope it help u!



  10. hi~! chance upon your blog.and suddenly rmb that i have actually seen you in person this starting of the year.=) you were with a fren at jalan kayu having pratas.=D i was juz sitting opposite you.any impression?=) teehees~ take care.=D

  11. “是潜意识在挂念着某些人事物吗?”

    i guess u might already have the answer to your sleepless night…
    Drop a call to 你挂念的人. Yay, its easier said than done, but it might be the solution to your sleepless night.. She could even be waiting for your call too…
    Good luckie=)


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